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Billy Norris

It seems like most of the time when the front doorbell rings it’s a solicitor of some type.  Lately it’s either a solar sales solicitor or a pest control service.  The challenge with most pest control companies is that they want to lock you into a contract.  Yes, we can all go down to Home Depot and buy the big jug and spray around the home, but it’s really not 100% affective.  This time of year I have bugs of all sorts and particularly a lot of spiders in the home.  I wanted a professional job but did not want to be bound to any contracts.  Is there such a thing?  Yes!  Denny Pest Control. They sent out Billy who was one of the kindest professional techs I’ve ever met.  He was extremely thorough, and was very personable.  I highly recommend these guys and the price is right on top of the fantastic service.  Give these guys a call, you’ll be happy you did!  Denny serves Murrieta & Temecula and surrounding areas.



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