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An ‘Incredibly’ Long Wait For An ‘Incredible’ Time…



A fourteen year wait for a sequel to one of Pixar’s least capitalized franchises may not seem like a worthwhile follow-up to “Infinity War”, but rest assured that tears of nostalgia welled in the eyes of both children and their parents as the dark opening of “Incredibles 2” hit the screen.

Disney’s animated flick follows on the heels of the first movie in true heroic fashion as the “Underminer” wrecks the city and our super-family is seemingly thrown into the lime light. Events transpire and our super-family is put into hiding, a situation not unknown to the family. After discovering all super heroes  are outlawed until further notice a child-like businessman and his sister seize an opportunity to win back the public using “Elastigirl” as a figurehead heroine. While she is out saving the world, Mr. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and the scene stealing Jack – Jack, are adjusting to a life outside of super powers and the public adoration in a newly acquired home from the business man.

There is no shortage of action, tag lines, and cheap jokes to this two-hour, heroic venture.

From Dash’s quick wit, Violet’s shy demeanor around a boy at school and baby Jack-Jack discovering his powers while fighting a ‘trash panda’ who finds its way into the wrong back yard, everyone can find a specific character to fit their own personality. Elastigirl spends most of her time fighting villains or constantly calling home to check on her ever-so-weary husband who’s left taking care of the family’s daily schedule

Elastigirls’ quest to defeat the “Screenslaver” from domination while using strobe light screens, the family ‘Incredible’ does not fail to impress at the box office. Now lets all hope it doesn’t take another fourteen years to make a third movie.

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