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Bullet Found In Boys Bathroom At Vista Murrieta



Principal Mick Wager advised that a bullet was found today in the bathroom at Vista Murrieta High School.  A student found the bullet and turned it into security. The school’s Resource Officer conducted an investigation and found no weapons of any kind or evidence of any threat. Unfortunately rumors began circulating about weapons on campus and late this afternoon the School learned a SnapChat post was being shared among students that said there was a suspected shooting tomorrow.

Murrieta Police have confirmed that no threat had been made against Vista Murrieta. Police are continuing to investigate to determine where these rumors originated.  Although students may believe that their social media posts are anonymous, it is important to know that all posts on any social media platform can be traced back to the user’s phone or computer.

Vista Murrieta will have additional Police Officers at school tomorrow.  It is also recommended that the kids be educated about safe social media use.



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