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Burt Reynolds: An Original

In 2017,  a movie by the name of  The Last Movie Star was released. A look back on a former movie stars life as his fame has faded during his twilight years. It was a jaunt into someones past and the reflections upon ones own life and would serve as Burt Reynolds final movie.

When Burt Reynolds character, Vic Edwards,  is summoned by an unknown film festival, he is reluctant to go fearing its just another useless award. When he is convinced by an old friend (played by Chevy Chase) he decides to attend the festival that was honoring him with a “prestigious” award. He arrives to a lackluster welcome by Ariel Winter’s edgy character ,Lil McDougal, tasked as his personal driver and whose  brother is honoring Vic Edwards. During the ceremony Vic escapes into a drunken stupor and decides to go on a nostalgia trip in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the aging star grew up. Lil reluctantly follows him and is taught valuable lessons about life throughout the film.

By the end of the film a true feeling of redemption is felt for the characters.  A feeling we all could use in our day-to-day lives and a fitting end to the a career of one of Hollywoods best. Burt Reynolds has passed away, but the icon was a true original and for that audiences everywhere thank you.

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