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Kmart Closing To An End

With brick and mortar retailers closing across America, it's not a surprise Kmart is one of them. The Parent company is closing 40+ Sears and Kmart stores after filing for BK back in October. This is on top of the approximately

Best Cheesecake In Town!

(Left)Eric Eltzhotlz (Right) James from Friendly Guy Insurance (Left) James Freeman (Right) Antonio Carini Friday's at French Valley Press typically means the crew is eating pizza for lunch. A few of us jumped in a van and headed to

Not Your Typical Taco Tuesday

Im a foodie to say the least, and if you've ever met me, you know first hand that I've never missed a meal.  Generally speaking food is subjective.  Everyone has their opinion of what the "best" is.  I think Tacos La Bufadora has one of

Denny’s To Open In French Valley

We just received an email from Denny's home office advising us that the plan to open the Winchester Road and Benton location is scheduled for opening in December.  Who doesn't like a Grand Slam every now and then. We'll keep you posted…

Costco Food Court Serving Up Chili

If you've been following us for any length of time you know most of us here are Foodies.  A couple of us have been on a quest for the best Chili here in town.  The other day one of our reporters was at Costco and noticed they are now…

Burt Reynolds: An Original

In 2017,  a movie by the name of  The Last Movie Star was released. A look back on a former movie stars life as his fame has faded during his twilight years. It was a jaunt into someones past and the reflections upon ones own life and…

Temecula Police Needs Your Help

According to Temecula Police, a male subject stole a car in Menifee and then drove to Temecula with a partner to steal another one.  The 2nd car was stolen from a parking lot on Old Town Front Street.  The pictured subject is described as a…