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Coworking Connection Is On Fire With 2nd Location Opening

Photo Credit: Coworking Connection



It is with tremendous excitement that Dione Moser and partner Julie Ngo announce the opening of the second Coworking Connection location in Temecula! Dione and Julie are excited to bring Coworking Connection (“C2”) to Temecula, especially as Dione has had many requests for another location for years. C2 is going to be a vibrant, fun and professional environment for entrepreneurs, business professionals and startup companies to meet, work and collaborate.

Dione started Coworking Connection in Murrieta in 2011, spawning from an idea that sparked in 2004, as she was working from home. Dione has run her business, Impact Marketing and Design, for over 20 years.  She didn’t want to go the executive office route, she had in mind an open, collaborative and affordable alternative. The Murrieta location has thrived over the years, with an eclectic mix of independent contractors and the like seeking an alternative to working out of a home office. 6-year Coworker Adria Poindexter of Live Mobile Solutions says, “Coworking Connection has been a godsend to me! Not only do I have a professional location with all current technical needs to see customers, but I have made great friends over the years as well.” Dione is passionate about Coworking because of the people that come through the doors. People that work together to encourage and high-five each other. Dione says, “it’s much more than offices and desks.”

Julie Ngo has loved the concept of Coworking Connection since Dione started it years ago. “It was so different, and there wasn’t anything like it at the time.” Julie, a 20-year veteran of the insurance industry and owner of her own State Farm agency for the past 14 years, is no stranger to the needs of small business. Julie feels that shared workspace locations are the future of the workplace. The concept of different industries working alongside each other, collaborating, is the gist of what makes Coworking Connection unique. “More ideas can be shared,” say Julie. “Thinking outside of the box, or in this case, thinking outside of industry norms.”

The goal with C2 is to expand Coworking into other markets. After years of keeping an eye out for prime real estate for the new location, Dione was approached by the building owner of Tower Plaza in Temecula asking, what would he need to do to get her in his building? This started the conversation, which started the opportunity that is becoming a reality. She sees this relationship as an example of what powerful women in the community, working together, can achieve.

For more information, contact Coworking Connection Murrieta or Temecula at 800-762-1391.

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