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Get Your Gelato On! For Real…



Look, here in French Valley if you think donutz you think Wongz.  Fun local rib-stickin food you might think French Valley Cafe.  When you think Gelato, nothing comes to mind. As luck would have it, French Valley is down the road from the real deal.  Gelato Italicus in the Promenade Mall in Temecula has got it goin on!  There have been many attempts to emulate a Gelato Shop, but nobody does it like these guys.  Primo the owner, is from Italy.  If you really know true Italian Gelato, I’ve said enough. This is Autentica Gelateria! While we were there, we ran into Friendly Guy from  We caught him clowning around with the owners.  Turns out James is a Gelato connoisseur and he really is a friendly guy. Get in there, it’s stupid good!  Downstairs in the food court next to Sears.

PS  The pistachio is the action!  Only available on the weekends.


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