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Holy Fire Puts Restrictions On Current Homeowner’s Insurance

Friendly Guy Insurance, Murrieta



A few of us here were talking about how Homeowner’s insurance affects someone who lives or is in the middle of a real estate transaction while a major blaze is happening, such as the Holy Fire.  Since we have a pretty good relationship at Friendly Guy Insurance, we thought to give James a call.

We got through to James and he told us that during times like these, Insurance Agent’s are updated frequently as to the status of the fire, and overall binding authority updates are given frequently.

As of today, at 12:45, James told us that due to the gains in containment with the Holy Fire, the non-bind perimeter is being adjusted. James said that a non-bind status means that there cannot be any changes written to a current home policy, and on top of that there cannot be any new business written in these affected areas.

Changes means no changes to any coverage or change of deductibles.

The updated parameters for the non-bind area include:

  • North of Santiago Canyon, Live Oak Canyon, and Trabuco Canyon Road.
  • South of Interstate 15 and Grand Avenue.
  • West of Riverside Drive
  • James advised the remaining zip codes that are still affected are: 92530, 92883,92678.

We asked James if there was anything that he recommends thinking about prior to a disaster like a fire that consumers should think about.   Freeman said “re-evaluate your deductibles during non-crisis times”.  I had a lot of clients that had to evacuate and most of them told me they wished they had more cash on hand and fuel in their cars.  Another thing to consider is to ask your current Insurance Company if they offer a free service of spraying fire-retardant foam if their home is at risk.  “Our company has state of the art software that notifies us if we have a client that is at risk of the home catching on fire” Freeman said.  Our company will send a company out to spray the property. James said the average consumer does not know to ask these questions, that’s why it’s not imperative but crucial you have an Insurance Agent that knows what they are doing.  When the you know what hits the fan, the average consumer does not care what the premium is, as long as they are covered.

Thanks alot for the time James, all of us here at French Valley Press always enjoy talking with you.


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