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Local Chef On Fuego With Christmas Burritos In February!



If you have followed us for any length of time, you know here at French Valley Press we are a bunch of foodies. A few of us have even been labeled foodaholics. As a result of this we tend to gravitate towards food reviews, go figure.

A couple weeks ago we received numerous requests to check out Chef Nana at Nana’s Tamales. So glad we did because the food was absolutely out of this world. Chef Nana prepared and served the most mouthwatering New Mexican style gourmet meal period.

We started with her scratch chips and Chicharrones paired with her in-house salsas. To die for flavors. We sampled Fat Of The Land Guacamole, Green Goddess Cilantro & Onions,Queen Taco Red and the unbelievable Rita’s Chile Caribe Chunky just to name a few. That’s not even the good part, her chilis are brought in from New Mexico. It was at this point we realized this was a New Mexico style Restaurant, with a uniqueness like no other.

Before we could say “gracias” Chef Nana plated the most delicious Beef Tamale. The masa to beef ratio was over the top perfect. There was something different though about the beef, it was a melt in your mouth experience with every bite. What made it so good was the beef filling. Typically you would see shredded beef filling but not here, this masterpiece was stuffed and I mean stuffed with mouth watering beef brisket. Yes, Brisket. What was also interesting is the fact that we did not see any mixers. The masa is hand mixed, unbelievable as you can imagine tamales are so labor intensive to begin with. You have to try these!

You have not had Nachos Supreme until you taste these New Mexican style Nachos. Fresh homemade chips topped with green chilis, ground pork as well as fresh pork chunks and melted queso. It was at this point when I told Chef Nana that I was just going to look at this dish for a while before I ate it. A real masterpiece.

Next Chef told us she was bringing out Christmas presents for us. She blew our minds with her Christmas Burrito. This Burrito was amazing. Actually Ryan whose one of our food gurus, looked at me an said “this is stupid good”. The Burrito was filled with mouthwatering meats but what really put it over the top was the half green and half red sauce, hence Christmas Burrito. I am going to have a difficult time next time I visit. I will really struggle with what to order. Every single bite was fantastic with just the perfect amount of heat.

What’s even more amazing than the food was the love we felt from Chef Nana. We could tell right away there was something special going on here. You see the food was amazing but what really made it was you could tell she put every bit of her heart into not just the food but the overall experience. This place is going to blow up.

What made this experience unique was the fact that she is not even open yet! While we sat there eating and talking with her, numerous and I mean numerous people were tugging at the door. In fact Nana’s Tamales was on fire that day. So much that Cal Fire stopped in and Chef Nana made them Burritos to go. It turned out a couple of Firemen were in a couple weeks prior while Chef was in the house working on the restaurants build out, and ordered a couple burritos.

Chef is a 3rd generation New Mexican Chile Expert! From Roswell, New Mexico. Her Nana Adalia birthed 15 children, so it’s safe to say she might know a thing or two about cooking. These family recipes have been passed down from her Nana, to her Mother Rita and now to Chef Nana.

Chef Nana is a 5 Star Cook and feeds hundreds of clients weekly with her catering business.

Nana’s Tamales is located at 28286 Old Town Front St, TEMECULA, CA. 92590. Same plaza as Penfolds, La Favorita Meat Market next door to Cora’s Bakery. The good news is we don’t have to wait for the actual opening. You can order tamales or catering just text or call 951-337-8814. 

From the fist bite to the last hug, we were blown away and are still talking about this place. A few of us plan on going back this weekend as she offers a soft opening experience Saturdays and Sundays. Call her for more information at 951-337-8814, or visit

Thank you Chef Nana for the fabulous experience and New Mexican hospitality. We had fun looking at your family pictures on your wall. See you soon and God Bless. Happy Valentine’s Day.