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Man Caught Pleasuring Himself In Murrieta Starbucks



Police entering Starbucks on 215/Clinton Keith Road after a customer called to complain about male subject masturbating in coffee shop lobby. Mandatory Credit:

Last week we received an email from a Starbucks customer about an incident that made him very uncomfortable.  The individual who reported this advised that he witnessed a customer sitting in the Starbucks lobby masturbating.  Yes, you read that right.  Initially we were not sure of the validity of this email, however once we met with the undisclosed customer, he showed us video footage of what happened.  Our Reporting Person told us that he was so upset that someone had the audacity to do this in public, but what really made him mad was that there was a little girl just a few feet away at another table with her Mom playing with a coloring book.  Our Reporting Person contacted the subject and told him that he knew what he was doing and told him to stop! The subject acknowledged the very direct, probably unexpected visit from our Reporting Person. The store manager was notified and law enforcement was also called out to the scene. At that point Law Enforcement Officers escorted him outside for further questioning.  Upon completion of questioning, the subject was not arrested. It was very clear what the subject was doing however the video footage showed that he was pleasuring himself through the inside of his pants.  He did not expose himself in public. French Valley Press does have possession of the video footage that was provided by the actual witness who caught this on video.  Our Editor In Chief made the decision not to publish the video to protect the subject, as he was not charged with a crime or even arrested.  We report this incident to our readers as information only, and to make the public aware of what some jerk off might be doing behind their laptops at local Starbucks Coffee Shops, or any other place for that matter.  This particular incident happened at the 215/Clinton Keith Road location.

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