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McDonald’s Debuts New Turtle Beverages



With all the new Java Shops opening around town, McDonald’s continues to push forward with their coffee line.

This month they announced they are celebrating the flavors of coffee with the new McCafé Turtle beverages. This continues McDonald’s commitment to McCafé by giving customers more quality coffee experiences, flavors and choices. The Turtle coffee beverages are seasonal, café-quality drinks featuring a delicious blend of chocolaty, caramel and hazelnut flavors. Beginning this April, coffee lovers nationwide can choose from an Iced Turtle Macchiato, Turtle Macchiato or Iced Turtle Coffee at participating U.S. restaurants for a limited time. These new beverages bring new flavors in the most popular McCafé beverage forms, joining an already craveable and delicious beverage lineup.

  • Iced Turtle Macchiato: A rich swirl of chocolate is joined by caramel and hazelnut flavors then layered with cold, creamy milk and bold espresso, topped with chocolate drizzle, and served over ice. Available with choice of whole or non-fat milk.
  • Turtle Macchiato: Starts with a rich blend of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut flavors which are combined with creamy steamed milk and bold espresso. It is topped with a sweet chocolate drizzle and served hot for a delicious treat. Available with choice of whole or non-fat milk.
  • Iced Turtle Coffee: Refreshing iced coffee is swirled with chocolate, caramel and hazelnut flavors and a touch of rich cream.

It is still unclear as to which participating locations will carry the seasonal offerings.

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