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Movie Garlic & Gunpowder Filmed In Murrieta



Back in January of 2017, we were on the movie set with Garlic & Gunpowder here in Murrieta.  A majority of the film was filmed on Golden Gate Circle, with many action shots in the parking lot of Friendly Guy Insurance.  At the time we spoke with Director Harrison Smith who told us that the film included stars Steven Chase, James Duval and even Vivica Fox.  We recently inquired as to the release date of this movie only to find out that it never made it to the theaters.  It’s available 6/12/2018 at your local Walmart and also Amazon.  The film has mixed ratings from good to stupid funny.

Plot Summary:

Sonny and Archie two good-hearted but aging LA Gangsters have never received the respect they deserve. Even their own Mothers treat them with disdain. Sent on a spurious errand by LA Mob Boss “Basco the Tabasco”, Sonny and Archie find themselves caught-up in a web of double-cross, and subterfuge between Basco and “Ling-Ling the Pussy”, a Chinese Mob Boss, and the FBI. With the aide of childhood friends, Fat Eva and Jimmy Two-Times, and a cast of colorful characters, Sonny and Archie unknowingly outwit the Mobs, FBI, and CIA. Sonny and Archie save the day, and prove that friendship and being buddies lasts forever.

Amazon customers rate the movie a 3.9 out of 5 stars.

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