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Mt. San Jacinto College Spends 56 Million Plus On 2 Temecula Buildings



As our Seniors in the area get ready for college many have discovered that they fell short of either the mark or just could not get in to their desired colleges of choice.

Many Seniors in the area are now looking at Mt.San Jacinto which has a good reputation in the area. In fact so good that it’s hard to get in. Yes, The JC accepts most, however that’s the challenge. Many students that apply to the JC are finding out they are only able to attend a few classes per semester. Why? Space, the campus has outgrown itself.

Sources tell us that MSJC announced Tuesday, March 20, that they had acquired two, five-story, office buildings in Temecula for more than $56 million. The buildings will be renovated to include classrooms and laboratories. Sources indicate that these buildings were previously owned by Abbot who purchased Guidant back in 06.

The new facility has nearly 350,000 square feet — roughly equal to the size of all buildings at the district’s Menifee Valley Campus that serves more than 15,000 students, district officials said. The scheduled completion is set to take place around Fall of 2019.

This is good news! It will be nice to see a local JC have a location in the Temecula Valley.

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