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Murrieta Police Service Dog Passed Away At Age 7



Credit: The Photography Specialist

Yesterday, Murrieta Police Department announced the passing of their beloved Police Service Dog Bloodhound “Ranger”. Ranger was a 7 year old bloodhound who passed away of natural causes earlier this month.

Ranger was born in Texas and started his career with the City of Oregon Police Department. He came to MPD in 2015 and was assigned to Officer Zeltner. Ranger was certified in Mantrailing through Goldstone K-9, LLC and has been actively assisting the citizens of Murrieta and surrounding areas ever since.

During his tour with Murrieta PD, Officer Zeltner and Ranger have assisted in locating multiple lost hikers as well as lost or missing adults and children within our city. Ranger also helped many outside agencies with searches for adults, children and suspects. Thank you for your service Ranger, you will be missed.

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