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Murrieta Teen Chooses El Burro Taco Shop To Celebrate 14th Birthday



Brenna F. from Murrieta CA. had the chance to dine anywhere she wanted to celebrate her 14th birthday. Historically, Brenna has celebrated her birthday at local places like Shogun or authentic Italian restaurants in the area, but not this year.  This year she asked her family to take her to El Burro Taco Shop in French Valley.  She recently got hooked on their California Burrito a few weeks ago, and just can’t get enough.  We spoke to the family members and were told that they called ahead of time to ask if the establishment did anything for birthdays.  The restaurant owner told them that they typically do not have a birthday package to offer, but when they heard that they had a customer that insisted that her parents take her to El Burro; they not only reserved a table for the family but decorated the table with birthday balloons.  What a classy move! When we asked Brenna why she chose El Burro she replied “I love their California Burrito”.  Happy Birthday Brenna from all of us at French Valley Press and El Burro Taco Shop.

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