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One Of The Greatest Burgers On The Planet…



First off I have been a self proclaimed burger connoisseur for over 30 years, I have tasted burgers in Germany, Italy, France, East coast, all the way to the West coast. and I must say with great sincerity that I have never had a burger taste so amazing than the one served to me, not once! but on three separate occasions.

I strongly recommend the ” BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger  ” at  Old Town Pub 28677 Old Town Front St, Temecula, CA 92590.

I wish I had more than two thumbs for this rating… so I will give it the maximum that I can a 2 THUMBS UP!

After you receive the burger, and if the taste is as I described,.. then you will be overwhelmed not only with the onion rings that comes with it as a side, but the same goes if your choice was fries as instead.. the choice is yours.

I truly don’t have all the words of postiveness that I could say about their service other than it has always been above and beyond great!

I will forever recommend this place to all those whom surround me for many years to come.

I end this review by saying, I truly believe ” Temecula Serves The Greatest Burger On The Planet… “