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Shut The Front Doh!



We recently got a chance to visit the new Ice Cream shop everyone is talking about in Temecula. What a great treat it turned out to be. We had the pleasant opportunity to talk with Co-Owner Joni Toner. She gave us the full tour of the shop and gave us the full rundown. It turns out Joni was an art teacher for many years and after leaving she still had the passion.

So what does one do? Open an Ice Cream Shop where she can still use her artistic creativity. It’s obvious Joni is talented. From the minute you walk into the very cool looking shop right down to presentation of the Ice Cream.

Doh Creamery offers 16 rotating flavors including 2 vegan options. and also 8 flavors of edible cookie doh. Joni stated “Our customers most popular choice is to top their Ice Cream with a doh scoop and to have their custom creation served to them in one of our house-made waffle cones, waffle bowls, or bubble waffles”.

If you have not made it to Doh Creamery yet, what are you waiting for? Get in there, I know you’ll be glad you did.

This is their first location, however I can see many more opening in the near future based on the foot traffic we saw today. This place was going off!

Doh Creamery is located at:
26460 Ynez Road, Suite B next to Pieology
Opens everyday at noon
Instagram: @dohcreamery
(951) 719-1090

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