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St. Martha’s Catholic Church Keeps On Giving



Credit: French Valley Press

St. Martha’s Catholic Church located in Murrieta, recently teamed up with Pechanga Casino in another effort to feed the hungry.

It turns out Pechanga hosts an annual food exhibition for major food suppliers. The food suppliers are major players in the food industry, and do not take the unopened or un-used food back with them after the trade show.

St. Martha’s Food Pantry, with the help of the Knight’s of Columbus; teamed up in an effort to feed the hungry. After the show was finished, a big group of Knights from the Murrieta Council along with the Food Pantry personnel trucked it over to Pechanga to pick up the remaining food an bring it back to the Food Pantry.

St. Martha’s Food Pantry feeds about 500 families per week. We spoke with Sir Knight Jerry Oakes who told us that you do not even have to be Catholic to receive the food from the Pantry. Jerry told us that it’s an honor to serve the community. An internal source also told us that the Pantry truck that is regularly used for food picks ups and collection, was donated by Pechanga Casino.

We can see that it’s no surprise St. Martha’s is also called the “Caring Community”.

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