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Stop Or Don’t Stop?



As many schools started back this week, there always seems to be confusion when you see a School Bus with flashing red lights.  Per Murrieta Police Department, Here is a quick overview of when to stop for school buses:
Per California Vehicle Code 22454(a)
Motorists must always stop when they are traveling behind a bus with flashing red lights. When vehicles are approaching a stopped bus with flashing lights from the opposite direction, drivers must stop if they are on a two lane roadway.
If motorist are on a multi-lane roadway or divided highway, motorists traveling the same direction must stop, while vehicles traveling in the opposite direction may continue, however, should slow and proceed with caution.Not all buses are equipped with a stop sign arm that protrudes from the bus. The flashing red lights are regulatory and sufficient for requiring a vehicle to stop.

A school bus violation could result in a traffic citation costing over $695.00