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Temecula: Accident On Butterfield Stage Rd (Video)



The accident occurred at approximately at 11:15 pm on 7/15.

Witnesses say they heard loud screeching noises and a huge bang.
That accident ripped an entire wheel off the vehicle which appears to be a Ford Excursion,(see photos) and left scares of the incident in our opinion of about 150 feet, The accident was not to far from an Elementary School.
Several Houses are located down and behind the wall where the vehicle struck it does not appear that any of those houses where damaged(not confirmed).

Officers arrived on scene shortly after the accident.

It is not clear as to how many occupants where in the vehicle at the time of the accident, Police did make contact with one male subject, and it is un-confirmed if he was the driver or not.

That’s all we know folks as for now… stay tuned as we may update as more information is available.