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Temecula Claim Jumper Set To Close This Month

Credit: French Valley PressTEMECULA, CA — According to the WARN report put out by the EDD State of California, Temecula Claim Jumper Restaurant will permanently close on 5/22/2018.

A WARN notice, which is required by the state in mass layoffs so that workers have a 60-day notice before they lose their work, was filed on March 22. The report shows that a total of 77 workers will lose their jobs.  Sources tell us most will have an opportunity to transfer to other locations if so desired.

Temecula Claim Jumper was a very popular place to eat in this area.  Known for their big portions and huge desserts, it’s a shame to see the closure of an early on Temecula Landmark.

External sources tell us the closure is partially due to Millennials who show a trend of wanting more delivery and food services that are mobile Smaller food portions and poor customer service also played a factor.  After this closure, the closest Claim Jumper will be Corona and San Diego.




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  1. Kathryn Miller says

    Was trying to plan an event and wanted to use this Claim Jumper which was centrally located, now I’ve found out that it’s Permanently Closed!!! What the heck is going on?? This was VERY disappointing news!! Too many places closing, we have to support our Businesses or they won’t be here!!

    1. Jim Fergosi says

      Could not agree with you more Kathryn. I remember the portion size and the monster desserts. Thanks for the comment and being a reader.

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