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Temecula Claim Jumper Set To Close This Month



Credit: French Valley PressTEMECULA, CA — According to the WARN report put out by the EDD State of California, Temecula Claim Jumper Restaurant will permanently close on 5/22/2018.

A WARN notice, which is required by the state in mass layoffs so that workers have a 60-day notice before they lose their work, was filed on March 22. The report shows that a total of 77 workers will lose their jobs.  Sources tell us most will have an opportunity to transfer to other locations if so desired.

Temecula Claim Jumper was a very popular place to eat in this area.  Known for their big portions and huge desserts, it’s a shame to see the closure of an early on Temecula Landmark.

External sources tell us the closure is partially due to Millennials who show a trend of wanting more delivery and food services that are mobile Smaller food portions and poor customer service also played a factor.  After this closure, the closest Claim Jumper will be Corona and San Diego.




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