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Temecula: Kohl’s “Black Friday” Lines Stretch



Temecula, CA:

Lines were long at the Temecula, Kohl’s off 79 on Friday at about 5:15 pm as many waited to shop and receive great deals, I and my family were some of them. (The store opened at 6pm on this day)

Among some of the good deals we received were $99 32inch TV’s what a bargain,.. we also purchased $19 all in one Wi-Fi hp printers and more..

Everyone was able to get in and shop from what I was able to observe.. and the staff was very helpful and super polite…during their most busiest times…

I must say as always, the staff at this store are awesome.

To me this is one of the best customer service orientated stores I have ever shopped at, the staff has always been above and beyond pleasant to me, friends and family… as I have never had a problem here.

Thank you Kohl’s you are awesome…