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Temecula – Shogun Restaurant Evacuated Twice This Weekend




Shogun which is located on the 41000 block of Margarita Road was evacuated for the second time over the weekend.

Sources say customers and employees noticed an unusual odor, which resulted in proper authorities being called.


Riverside County Fire Department advised they were first dispatched to a medical call at 8:39 p.m. Friday. Multiple engines were ultimately dispatched to the scene, along with a hazardous materials team.

Riverside County’s HazMat Emergency Response Team discovered high carbon monoxide levels in the kitchen area.  Since the source was never discovered, Shogun opened for business the next day; Saturday 2/11/2018

Our crew rolled up on the scene last night at approximately 8:05 PM. Customers told us they were asked to evacuate due to a gas leak.  We also witnessed the Fire Department trying to keep the peace on top of doing their jobs.  We saw a male customer being politely escorted away from the scene.  We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.


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