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The Breakfast Club With Deep Pockets Drops By French Valley Cafe

Photo Credit : Tracey O’Neil-Garamone.



Barbara Horan of Murrieta, was once inspired about a Facebook post she saw a while back where groups of people would get together for breakfast. Not just any breakfast, a breakfast where the individuals would each bring $100, order food and leave the balance as a tip. Barbara thought fast and pulled a group of friends together within 3 weeks in an effort to do some good in the community.

The group contacted Darci Castillejos, French Valley Cafes’ owner to pull this off. Darci had a server there named Zoey, who is a single mom who would just be perfect to receive such holiday cheer. Darci had contacted Zoey to ask if she would come in to help with a large party. The group consisted of 13 locals each with $100.00, that did in fact come and order breakfast and leave the tip to Zoey.

Zoey ended up with a $1268.00 Tip. Not bad for a days work!

Barbara Horan said she was blown away by the generosity of all participants, including the “silent contributors”. Barbara’s wish is for people to hear about these types of heart felt acts of kindness and bring more people together to do things like this all over the world.

Horan said everyone cried as they gave Zoey the HUGE tip and said “Keep the change you filthy animal”. (That’s a quote from Home Alone)

What a great story to report. Thank you Barbara and Tracey O’Neil-Garamone for getting this great story to us. Merry Christmas!