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The Ridge At Cal Oaks Parking Conditions Have Some Residents Outraged




Parking conditions have some residents outraged.

According to a new homeowner I spoke to, When He and his Wife bought a home at The Ridge at Cal Oaks located in Murrieta off Monroe Ave, they weren’t told at the time of purchase that they would be forced to park their vehicles in their garage or off the property.

Those who fail to do so would face a stiff penalty ranging from a citation with a future possibility of a Tow and or other actions.

That was just the beginning of their nightmare the resident said, to top it off… There are a many of additional spaces to park on the property, however if you have any family members and or friends visit they too can not park of the property between the hours of 11pm – 6am, so much for out of town visitors especially for the holidays.

Currently the way The Ridge at Cal Oaks is set up, Residents are allowed to park Two vehicles in their own personal garage, any additional permanent vehicles to be parked during the specific hours on the property, a fee would be enforced, for instance $100 for the first car and $50 per additional (Paid to Patrol One) and if you own a motorcycle that would have to be approved by the homeowners association.

Residents are allotted temporary parking for visitors, however that is followed by a quick expiration date, according to a source a resident is permitted to ask no more or least than 3- 4 times a year, additional parking time would have to be called in daily for approval. (unconfirmed) we are still checking into it.

I drove through the lot and did not see one motorcycle parked anywhere on the outside, Now that doesn’t mean that no Motorbike has a permit.

The outrage comes from residents across the street whereas complaints are flowing as residents at The Ridge at Cal Oaks are being forced to park their additional vehicles in their community depriving them from their additional parking.

One resident I spoke to, said their opinion was that ” The Ridge At Cal Oaks is appearing to  set up and accommodate a few, whom either run and or have involvement of the property to adjust to their own lifestyle  and not the community as a whole”, Someone should investigate and or take civil action if this is not within policy.

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