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Trump says no changes to 401k plans, But Really?



According to MSN –

Trump says no changes to 401k plans under tax proposal


For me and my personal view would be,.. If major changes start taking effect as I hear from other sources, that plans of capping off the 401k at $2,400 are in the talks.. Then why even have a 401k?

Most would benefit more by buying or investing in a property or properties that could be rented and or sold 20 years from now and retirement is solved right?

Are there other good potential investments out there that you can control yourself?

Can I really afford to take Trump at his word?

Should it be time to think about yourself and those whom are most important to you?

If they start messing around with 401k’s will it change from year to year and at whos benefit?… Or cost?


Stay tuned as I update this story …



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