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Two Arrested for Fraud and Counterfeit Money



Murrieta Police Department Press Release Dated 11/21/2017

In October, 2017 the Murrieta Police Department received information regarding identity theft and fraud occurring in the City of Murrieta.  The victim had received information that an unknown person had used her information to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards and made unauthorized purchases on the accounts.  The victim of the identity theft was a resident of Irvine and contacted Irvine Police Department to file a police report.

Photo: Murrieta, PD

During the investigation, the suspect was identified as Jaquelyne Gutierrez.  Ms. Gutierrez had been identified in surveillance video using the fraudulent information taken from the victim in Irvine.  A records check of Ms. Gutierrez revealed prior convictions for mail theft, identity theft, and use of fraudulent checks.  Ms. Gutierrez was also found to be on formal probation for identity theft.

On 11/16/17, Detectives with the Murrieta Police Department contacted Ms. Gutierrez along with her acquaintance Lauren Colyott at the Southwest Justice Center.  A records check of Ms. Colyott, who has previous arrests by Murrieta Police Department for mail theft, revealed that she was on active probation for identity theft.  The detectives conducted a search of Ms. Colyott’s vehicle pursuant to the terms of her probation. Inside the vehicle, detectives located methamphetamine and narcotics paraphernalia.  Detectives also located counterfeit U.S. currency inside Ms. Colyott’s purse.  Ms. Gutierrez was placed under arrest for the identity theft from Irvine.  Ms. Colyott was arrested for the possession of narcotics, paraphernalia and counterfeit money.  Both were booked into the Cois Byrd Detention Center.


Jaquelyne Gutierrez (24 years) Transient

Charges: 530.5(A) PC –Get Credit/Etc, Others ID; 459-C PC – Burglary Commercial; 476 PC – Make/Pass Fictitious Check; 1203.2 PC – Violation of Probation

Booking Number: 201744348

Lauren Colyott (34 years) Transient

Charges: 11364(A) HS – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; 11377(A) HS – Possession of Controlled Substance; 476 PC – Make/Pass Fictitious Check; 1203.2(a) PC – Violation of Probation

Booking Number: 201744349

Murrieta File Number: 1710M-6623 / 1711M-3549