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Update Regarding Temecula Costco Incident



This update is taken directly from the Southwest Sheriff’s Station FB Page 1/7/2021 at 3:45 PM.

UPDATE: The suspect Oscar Manuel Barragan walked into the Costco holding a knife. He was arrested for brandishing a knife in public, being under the influence of drugs and being in possession of methamphetamine. NO ACTIVE SHOOTER at Costco Temecula.

Original Post:

Temecula Costco Shoppers were sure in a panic today as they encountered a male subject that entered the store brandishing a knife.

Riverside Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the scene and took the male subject into custody. Social Media posts were suggesting that there was an active shooter, however that is NOT the case. Sgt. Lionel with RSO did confirm the man had a knife.

Sources tell us that customers were scrambling to exit the store even running out of emergency exits.

It has been reported but not confirmed that a Federal Agent was at the checkout and witnessed the male subject, and at that point the Federal Agent drew his service weapon and held him until Temecula Police arrived. There are not current reports of any injuries.