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Weekly Roundup From Murrieta’s Finest

Photo Credit: Murrieta Police Department.



Weekly Roundup –Sunday morning Officer Alexander was doing his morning rounds when he observed an occupied vehicle parked in the parking lot of a gym. Now most people actually go out of their way to tell everyone that they’re at the gym so when the couple ducked down to avoid being seen, Officer Alexander’s curiosity was piqued. #hey #whatsgoingonoverhere #thisiswhereyoutakeaselfie As Officer Alexander approached the couple, they quickly exited the vehicle and attempted to walk away. #whereareyougoing Officer Alexander contacted Samantha and John and conducted a records check on both. The duo was found to be on active probation and Samantha was also found to have two felony warrants and three misdemeanor warrants. #shouldhavegonetocourt During the contact, the couple told Officer Alexander they were waiting for their friend who was doing some shopping in a nearby store. #butwashereallyshopping As Officer Schmidt arrived to assist Officer Alexander, he was flagged down by employees from a store in the same parking lot. They told Officer Schmidt that the male they were following had just stolen items from their store. Guess who’s friend the male in question was. #guess Yep, he was Samantha and John’s friend that was “shopping.” In the end, Samantha Esparza was arrested for her outstanding warrants, Alexes Cherubini was arrested for shoplifting and John was sent on his way.

Sunday evening Officer Ramsey responded to a suspicious vehicle at a stop sign. The caller stated that the vehicle had been sitting at the stop sign and running for two hours. #noway #twohours #thatsweird When Officer Ramsey arrived, he found a male passed out behind the wheel of the running car. Officer Ramsey opened the door, turned off the car and called out to the driver several times before he finally woke up. Joshua Arbues was arrested for #DUI and booked into #CBDC.

Don’t you hate it when your friends leave their meth in your car and you get arrested for it. #geez #Ihatethat #someoneneedsbetterfriends Monday afternoon, Officer Figueroa responded to a report of suspicious persons at a store and contacted Karlos Jordan and Armando Martinez in the parking lot. During the contact, the officer discovered Karlos’ meth sitting in plain view in his car and Armando’s five outstanding warrants. Karlos stated that the meth wasn’t his and that his friend must have left it in his car by accident. #mysterymeth #notmymeth #butitismycar Karlos was arrested for possession of meth and Armando was arrested for his outstanding warrants.

When you’re on probation, you have special rules that you need to follow. Being in possession of a #wholelotta meth, scales and narcotics paraphernalia will violate your probation every time. #FYI Gustavo Delgado was arrested Tuesday evening and spent the night in #thebyrdhouse.

Christmas is next week and that means that the holiday parties will be in full swing this weekend. If you partake in the holiday libations, we ask that you also partake in having a safe ride home. Please remember to plan ahead and designate a driver. #Uber #Lyft #taxi #callyourmomma The holidays aren’t as happy when you’re in jail. #doestheByrdhouseevenhaveatree #santadoesntstopthere #andyourcellmateswontbeelves