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Winter Princess Gala Rolls Out The Red Carpet



On December 3 2017, hosted one of the most heart warming charity events that really touches the heart.  The benefit supported Wishers & Dreamers. Wishers and Dreamers Inc. was founded by two sisters, Pamela and Trish. Trish was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and fought the disease for two years before defeating it. During her battle, she witnessed children also battling from various illnesses. Together, Trish and Pamela founded Wishers and Dreamers to provide comfort, encouragement, and smiles to children under constant medical supervision.

Wishers and Dreamers was named after sisters Trish and Pamela’s childhood nicknames for each other. When they were young, Pamela called Trish “Wish” because it rhymed. The name “Wish” over time turned into “Wisher.” When Pamela called Trish “Wisher” Trish responded by calling Pamela “Dreamer.”   Still to this day they fondly use the nicknames, “Wisher and Dreamer.”

We had a chance to interview the two sisters and were told that it all started with a 4-year old little girl in Georgia that had cancer.  They donated a doll to her and at that point they made a hospital gown for her and it took off from there.  Now they are world-wide and have sent over 6000 gowns in 4 years at no cost.  At first they were self funding but as a non-profit, the costs went through the roof as their program did.  They deliver these gowns to Children’s Hospitals all over the world such as St. Judes, Rady Children’s and Loma Linda Childrens Hospitals, UCSF and many others.  The doctors actually use these dolls as a teaching tool when a child comes in. The organization is always looking for sewing volunteers, and fabric donations as well.  Please contact them for information at

All Photos: By JF


After spending time with Trish and Pamela, we spent some time with the owner Rhonda who owns  We were absolutely amazed with what she offers.  Once we entered her salon, we felt like we were at an enchanted castle somewhere. This is the place to bring your princess for a birthday party like not other.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure you check out the photo slide-show for your self, amazing!

There was even a DJ there and numerous vendors.  We actually got lucky and got to sample Terri’s Tasty Cupcakes.  Terri put on a big display and is now serving up Cranberry Vanilla, Gingergread, Eggnog and Peppermint Mocha.  Kick it up a notch this year and add Christmas Cupcakes to your Holiday Spread.  Check her out at

Thank you everybody for the hospitality.  It was a lot of fun and an honor to cover such a great story with beautiful people.


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