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Yelp Names Friendly Guy Insurance #1 In Murrieta



[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]elp Identified the top 10 Best Auto Insurance Agencies in Murrieta, with coming in on top.


We called Friendly Guy Insurance and were able to talk to the Friendly Guy himself, James Freeman.

During the phone interview we asked James what made his agency any different than the other top 09.

James responded saying that on top of the great rates that he offers, he gives his cell phone number to all of his clients and that his agency’s motto is ” We’ll treat you like a friend not a policy number”.

James said that its not really that hard to mesh with today’s clients.  He said “All you have to do is listen”.

James commented that a high percentage of his clients switched to him not due to price, but due to just being tired of the lack of service.

Freeman said most clients were just simply tired of being treated like a policy number, and when they did call their insurance carrier they got stuck in the voicemail nightmare and spoke to the employee of the day and not the actual agent.

Thanks James for taking the time to talk with us. We’ll look forward to getting a quote from you!

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